“M.I.L.A.” “Made In Los Angeles” A Collection From the “Emichi Brand”

From the EMICHI Brand, led by stylist Erin Michelle, comes more fashion dope especially for those who are made in L.A.

Their latest collection is titled “M.I.L.A.” and stands for “Made In Los Angeles”.

Do you get Los Angeles vibes from these pieces?

The Emichi Brand is known for California inspired street chic fashion and styling. To see more of what I am talking about visit @MyEmichi and @ShopEmichi on Instagram.

Other notable collections from the “Emichi” brand include “The Beverley Hills”, “Emichi signature” and “Emichi Home”.

Celebrities seen wearing pieces from the brand include Young Thug, Angela Simmons, Future, Estelle, Paloma Ford, Kelly Rowland, the Kardashians and more.

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“Middle Men Gaming” Presents “All Styles Dance Competition”

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Available Today the NIKE “Air Jordan 14” 1999 OG

Available today, April 6 ,2019, at 7:00am the Nike “Air Jordan 14” 1999 OG.

It is the Same color way released in 1999.These are a dope buy for any sneaker-head and should sell out quickly. Hopefully you miss the resellers by using this direct link.

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Air Jordan 14 OG 1999

Nike air Jordan 14 OG 1999

Just Released “NIKE Sneakers” In April 2019

Nike Free x Metcon 2

Air Max 2 Light Purple Berry

Air Max 720

Pure Dope From “Erin Michelle” And The “EMICHI” Brand

Erin Michelle x Emichi x Estelle Darlings “Lovers Rock” tour merch
Erin Michelle x Emichi x Estelle Darlings “Lovers Rock” tour merch

Designer and celebrity stylist Erin Michelle has been busy working on her brand by building up her catalog with dope merchandise.There are tons of high quality items available now at MyEmichi.com

Also…Did you know that recently her designs were featured in a fashion show? This year 2019 at L.A. Fashion week Erin shared new designs that are available now, online, at her shop.

Erin (Emichi) at L.A. Fashion week 2019.

Rapper Future was spotted rocking items from the “Beverly Hills” Collection by EMICHI.

Now Erin has an official collaboration with U.K. singer Estelle.

Estelle is going on her “Lovers Rock” tour and she has partnered with the EMICHI brand for the release of the tour merchandise.

Hurry up…don’t wait Go follow @MyEmichi, and @ShopEmichi on Instagram right away.

You can find direct links to dope items from the brand there at those pages.

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March 2019, Cleveland, Ohio Street Style From Digital Influencer @SupaFlyOne

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Get this NIKE Ohio State Buckeyes Football Jersey for $135

Nike Football Limited (Ohio State) Men's Jersey Size Medium (Red)
Nike Football (Ohio State) Jersey (Red)

2316 Wuan’s “The Creation” EP is Now Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Etc.

Next up, Cleveland hip-hop artist Wuan, of the 2316 company, has released his first official project “The Creation” EP on all popular streaming platforms. You can find the EP on Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube.

I have a funnny story about the song “Small Caramel Frappe” that I would like to share because it got it’s name unintentionally and I am suprised that it stuck.

The story is that…. I was able to make an animated video for the song ,for promotional use at SupaFlyMag.com, before its official release. The title actually came from a text sent to me from Wuan that was actually meant for someone else.

A text was sent during our session ,about the video, saying “small cararmel frappe”.

I thought it was the title. I created the video and used the words from the unintended text and it seems to have stuck showing up on the EP track list as “Small Caramel Frappe”.lol

The song features other members of 2316 GoodGod and Lil Josa. The artwork for the animated video is a collaboration between myself and the artist/tattooer of the “2316” company who is a very skilled sketch artist.

“The Creation” project has been in the works for some time now and has many features from up and coming Cleveland, Ohio hiph -hop artist. I am glad to see the EP officially available and I am looking forward to more creative projects from the 2316 Company.

Check out the trill animated video produced by me, @SupaFlyOne, for “Small Caramel Frappe” at SupaFlyMag.com. Also check the links below to hear more from Wuan’s project “The Creation” and for info on where to follow him and the rest of the 2316 company on social media.