Jacob Santana’s “Bandana Land” is available on all popular streaming platforms.

Jacob Santana is going in on the hip hop game with his latest projects making him hard to overlook. He is getting attention with his music and visuals.

His team is releasing stuff back to back..music videos, songs and he is even hosting events…Don’t wait to hear the hype check out Jacob on instagram right now.

Also be sure to stream his music on your favorite platform.

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GOOSE "I'm New Here"

This nine-track project took me damn near two years to complete and tells the story of my transition from a small town in Ohio to the big city. A lot of these songs were the first I wrote and recorded since moving to Chicago. 

Since moving to Chicago in the summer of 2013, I’ve seen my share of ups and downs. I’ve lost friends, gained friends, burnt bridges, and built bonds with people I’ve only known a short while. I’ve felt like the smallest person in the city, I’ve felt like the world was mine for the taking.

Even though I’ve been here going on three years now, I’m still discovering new things about this city. I still look up at the tall buildings, and I’m still getting lost looking for the nearest Red Line stop. I’m New Here.



Thanks: Mylo, SVNTY6, KC, Emma, BlacKeys, DJ Agent M, Sports BF, Top $, Ski, ThoVo, kbanz, Hoist crew, FTRSNDMTRX, and everyone whose come out to show.

Jacob Santana-“Gov Mula” Song and Video Trailer

Jacob Santana is fully loaded and firing off clip after clip of fire video and music.The latest are the “Gov Mula” track and video trailer. Check out more from Jacob visit @jacob_bandana_ or @WhosHouseEnt on instagram.


Jacob Santana – Gov Mula by WhosHouseMusic

Jacob Santana -“Gov Mula” Video Trailer