Dope Female Style from Designer/ Stylist Erin Michelle Winter 2020!

Hello ladies this post is for you…Are you into fashion and always looking for new looks to apply to your wardrobe?

If so designer Erin Michelle offers some of the dopest street chic looks. Always staying comfy she brings unique vibes to the world of street style.

Check her out below looking chic per usual in one of her latest evening looks below.

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Art by @MelaninArttt

Artist Gahmir, @MelaninArttt on Instagram, is one who describes his style as “natury fine-art/ fairytale….but more on the fairytale side”. His works include fairies, flowers, and minotaurs, along with other natural things and mystical figures. He does paint on canvas using “Watercolors, Acrylic , Ink pen , color pencils , sketch paper and erasers lol”. He also has items for sale on Etsy.

This owl water color painting below is for sale there right now.

You can find more images of Gahmir’s art and sketches on his Instagram @MelaninArttt

Below are a few captures of Gahmir’s finalized pieces. Please support young talent from Ohio.Buy his art and give feedback. He is in his final year of high school and looking for a little direction on where to take his life next.

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I am a huge fan of art and art is a huge part of culture.Below are two artist who’s work I enjoy a lot. They are skillful but have a special amount of street influence in every piece. Check out works from Masta8 and Distorted below. I have included some info on why I like them as artist in my captions. Please give some feedback on what you think about these artist and their art and follow me on social media @SupaFlyOne.

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This right here is a very dope Vetements X Hanes collaboration  piece. It is a white oversized Jersey with the word “STAFF” in black on the front.

This is a great look for summer 2017 . The “STAFF” logo can be related to social gathering places like festivals, concerts, clubs, and also good times involving friends, family, enemies, alcohol, and tears.

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This is the new visual from up and coming artist Jacob Bandana, first artist of Whos House Entertainment owned by Jo Jo Simmons.Visual is called charge it up. Be entertained and see how the young Bull is living his life after recently turning 18 a couple months ago by watching this video.




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